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Create A New Database. At a shell or DOS prompt, enter: "sqlite3". This will create a new database named "". (You can use a different name if you .
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The bottom pane is for messages about the execution, either an error message or an indication of how many rows were returned by the query. As well as opening connecting to existing databases it is also possible to create new SQLite databases and tables using DB Browser. To create a database click the New Database button from the main toolbar also available from the File menu.

You will initially be asked for a name for the database and where you want to save it.

Using SQLite with FireDAC - RAD Studio

It is saved as a single file. Although the new database is empty, in that there are no tables in it, the. Once you have saved the database file the Create Table wizard will open allowing you to create a table. You can cancel this as we will be going through the create table process in a later episode. Much of our SQL work involves looking at existing data using SQL queries and possibly writing out the results to a CSV file, in general we will not be changing the contents of the database.

However if, during your DB Browser session, you were to create or delete a table or create a view, then the changes are not automatically written to the database file. When you try to end the session i. Alternatively you can explicitly save changes or revert changes during a session by use of the Write Changes and Revert Changes buttons on the toolbar.

Revert Changes will take you back to the last Written copy. This lesson is in the early stages of development Alpha version. Toggle navigation Home. For more details about handling auto-incrementing columns, read " Auto-Incremental Fields ". For more details about handling row identifying columns, read " Unique Identifying Fields ". Some SQLite driver parameters allow for the Delphi application to adjust the data representation:.

When the result set is not empty, FireDAC uses the value data types from the first record. Note that this is not a FireDAC issue and at the moment cannot be resolved differently. SQL commands must be separated by ';'. Starting with v 3.


The following settings affect the concurrent access:. SQLite supports normal transactions and nested transactions check points. It does not support multiple transactions. Further is a list of isolation modes supported by SQLite:. Surrounding writing commands into a transaction may radically improve SQLite performance.

This is notable in the case of large data modifications. Therefore, surround the data modification code into a transaction to get the best performance:. SQLite does not allow you to rollback a transaction, when there are commands with result sets that have not been fetched yet.

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See the FetchOptions. SQLite does not support the stored procedure or function concept, as it allows you to use the host language environment to extend the engine functionality. A function can call the FireDAC methods to query a database. To create a custom function with the default or different number of arguments, you need to specify the same FunctionName and a different number of arguments.

This registers an overloaded function inside the SQLite engine. ExprFuncs unit into the "uses" clause, otherwise an exception is raised:.

Android SQLite Database Tutorial 1 # Introduction + Creating Database and Tables (Part 1)

To make custom functions accessible at design time, create a custom design-time package with a data module, drop the components on this module, and set up properly. Create the module in the module unit initialization section and destroy it in the finalization section. After this, install your package into the Delphi IDE. And the Ron Grove movie. When SQLite needs to compare or sort a character data, it has to know what rules to use for this. The rules are known as a collation.

Using DB Browser for SQLite

SQLite has several build-in collations. None of them produces a correct sorting for German, Cyrillic, Arabian, and so on phrases. This is how you can use this collation:. Note: If there is no ability to specify the default collation for a connection, a database, or a table. If you do not use custom collations, then by default SQLite uses a binary sorting order. To enable client side binary sorting order, set FormatOptions. SortLocale to 0. To call it from a trigger do the following:. This feature can be used, for example, to log all updates to a DB.

Hook this event after a database connection is opened. This implies that it is a single user DBMS and does not need such concepts as a user, access rights, and so on. Still, some application can benefit from an access right control, for example:. This API is not documented and is not officially supported. From RAD Studio. Jump to: navigation , search.

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  • The topic explains how it works and how to control it. Without understanding how it works, it is difficult to effectively store and retrieve the data in Delphi applications. Backup ;. CustomerID' ;. Sweep ;. Analyze ;. CheckOnly ;. Clear ; SQL. Add 'create table dbms id integer, name varchar 20 ;' ; SQL.

    When using auto-increment, we have to explicitly state the column names, omitting the one that is auto-incremented. The four statements insert four rows into the friends table.

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    The fetchall retrieves a result row as an associative or numerically indexed array or both the default is both. It returns false if there are no more rows. SQL statements are often dynamically built. A user provides some input and this input is built into the statement. We must be cautious every time we deal with an input from a user.